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Updated 2/13/2023
This is a living roadmap that gets regularly updated as milestones are met. The following color codes are used to indicate status as of last update:
In Progress
Not Started

Q1 2023

  • Launch of The Meme Mint League
  • Development of The Meme Mint League Discord bot
  • Implementation of the NFT vote weight mechanic via "strategies" on
  • Refinement of NFT gated Discord roles on server for GigaChad NFTs
  • Development of our main NFT collection following the GigaChad Coin Collection
  • Creation of Community Wallet
  • First community vote for project DAO
  • Public mint of The Meme Mint Medallions

Q2/Q3 2023

  • Release of a special NFT collection granting additional access to The Meme Mint League
  • Collaborations with other project granting additional fuctionality to The Meme Mint League


Q4 2022

  • Begin project collaborations
  • Hire Collaboration Manager
  • Creation of project marketing strategy and execution
  • Implementation of NFT gated Discord roles on server
  • Creation of DAO space on
  • Hire Community Manager
  • Hire Head of Marketing
  • Redesign website

Q3 2022

  • File legal paperwork for business incorporation in USA
  • Creation of social media channels
  • Creation of Discord server for community engagement and events
  • R&D for necessary project hires for mint success
  • Establish weekly schedule for community events and giveaways

Q1-Q2 2022


Although careful thought has been made to make sure every milestone is reachable, the roadmap is subject to change at the discretion of the team and we do not guarantee the delivery of any unmet milestone.