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Community Wallet


The Community Wallet is a fund that rewards holders of our NFTs. At launch it will be used to fund our weekly games and activities in The Meme Mint League. In the future it will be possible for holders to vote on proposals in our DAO to use the funds in other ways. The Community Wallet is set to launch with the mint of The GigaChad Coin Collection.


The Meme Mint with jumpstart the wallet with $2000 to immediately provide funding for The Meme Mint league. The wallet will be sustained with each NFT release from The Meme Mint. At launch, 40% of the GigaChad mint will go towards the wallet. In addition, 40% of royalty income will be added as well.


Below is our model of how the wallet will be sustained. Every month we will budget the totals in the account in order to have 6 months of rewarded activities for The Meme Mint League, with one activity every week. The minimum we will allocate weekly will be $60, which will be triggered if the account total hits below $1,440. If the account reaches this level, the community wallet can only be used to fund The Meme Mint League until funds are raised. With this model, holders can have confidence in a 6-month forecast.