The Meme Mint League is a where holders of our NFTs meet once per week for a chance to win some cash from the Community Wallet. The Meme Mint League is located on the official Discord server. Each NFT from Meme Mint NFT Collections will give access to a division in The Meme Mint League, represented as a "role" on Discord. The Meme Mint League will run over a custom bot on our Discord Server.


The Meme Mint League is divided into 3 divisions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The divisions all have an equivalent prize-pool every week. The only difference between the divisions are the amount of participants since each division role is assigned based on an NFT's given rarity. In theory, the participants in the "gold" league will have higher odds of winning since it has the lowest number of members.
Every NFT collection (excluding Medallions) has 4 different base rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. The rarities have an assigned division role as follows:
Rare and Legendary - Gold Division
Uncommon and Legendary - Silver Division
Common and Legendary - Bronze Division
Each NFT will only provide access to the division assigned to it (e.g. A rare NFT will only give access to the "gold" division and a common NFT will only give access to the "bronze" division). Medallion holders will have access to every division.


In order for a holder to participate they will have to connect their wallet on our Discord server. The connection will read which NFTs are held and assign a role based on it's rarity. Each Discord user would be able to participate in each division if they have an NFT with a rarity corresponding to each division.


The NFT holders will vote on which time they prefer the weekly events to take place. The majority vote will be honored until a new poll is run.


The Meme Mint League will launch using our custom Discord bot that plays very similar to the popular bot, "Rumble Royale". Players will be able to win prizes as well as unlock characters to use in our game!

Reward Distribution and Claiming

At the time of writing rewards will be distributed as USDT over the BEP-20 network. Winners of the competitions will have to open a ticket on Discord with their wallet address to be awarded.
The prize-pool will be evenly split between each division with prizes being allocated differently per activity. All approved activities will be detailed in this whitepaper.