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The Meme Mint Medallions


The Meme Mint Medallions are a very limited set of 5 NFTs that are minted by those that wish to invest in the project. Minters are rewarded with exclusive perks and proceeds raised will be entirely used to further the success of the project. Each NFT will be an ERC-721 non-fungible token stored on the Ethereum network.
Rendering of Meme Mint Medallion #1

Medallion Perks

  • 1 NFT from EVERY collection produced by The Meme Mint will be airdropped to it's owner during the public mint.
  • Goldlist status for all future releases
  • 5 vote weight for any community driven decisions.
  • Each medallion is distinguished by an exclusive gemstone and number making it one of a kind.
  • You'll have an exclusive role on the Discord server and will have your voice heard in the direction of the project
  • Eligibility for all NFT locked events and activities, such as The Meme Mint League.
  • Additional perks unlocked in time!

Scaling Mint Price and Availability

The mint will take place on and is open for minting at time of writing. The mint price of each Medallion NFT will increase with every mint due to the level of risk diminishing with each sale. The price and availability of each Medallion will be announced after the sale of the proceeding Medallion. The current price and release schedule is as follows:
Medallion #1 - September 2022 @ 0.5ETH
Medallion #2 - TBA
Medallion #3 - TBA
Medallion #4 - TBA
Medallion #5 - TBA