DAO Mechanics

The Meme Mint community will have access to DAO mechanics following the mint of The GigaChad Coin Collection. Token holders of all NFT collections created by The Meme Mint will have a certain amount of vote weight attached to their NFT. Vote weight is used to vote on proposals by The Meme Mint Team as well as decide on the use of funds in the Community Wallet. Holders can connect to the DAO via our space on Snapshot.org.


Early on the DAO will be used to help The Meme Mint Team make decisions that have the approval of token holders. Further functionality will be developed with features such as a Community Wallet, where token holders will have the power to vote on and use the funds as they see fit.


At the start, proposals can be made be made only by The Meme Mint Team. Examples could be as simple as "What activity should we add to The Meme Mint League?" or "Which Charity should we donate 1 ETH to?". The DAO will help us make key project decisions that the holders can take a part of!

Community Wallet

The community wallet will be a treasury that the DAO can pull funds from for use as desired using vote weight. The community wallet will also fund the activities in The Meme Mint League.